Cleaning and Maintenance - The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

Cleaning and Maintenance - The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

There are many benefits of vaping dry flower, the main being to capture the medicinal elements of cannabis. Through heating the flower to a precise temperature, cannabinoids and terpenes are released without destroying the healthy compounds through burning the leaves.

You would expect your brand new dry herb vaporizer to draw efficiently. However, like anything you use with any frequency, vaporizers will not deliver optimal results if you forget to clean them. If your vaporizer has detachable parts, in time surface particles will build up inside the vape. Residue build up can block the oven causing an uneven vapor, and a restricted airflow.

Some vaporizers are designed for portable use, like Omura dry herb vaporizers. These vaporizers require no cleaning and are best for anyone with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

Why cleaning will enhance your dry herb vape experience

If you have ever tasted a bitter coffee, you may be blaming the beans. The real cause of this burnt taste is not to do with the freshness of the beans and everything to do with the lack of grinder and espresso machine cleanliness.

The same is true for vaporizers.

If you vape regularly it makes sense to clean your vape’s oven frequently if you want your sessions to be effective in terms of potency and efficiency. When you maintain your vaporizer the results will pay off and you will notice a consistency in the quality of taste but also in the sensory aromas released in the terpenes found in cannabis. The terpenes can boost your mood and reduce stress, and some argue they can elevate your buzz.

In this blog we will share a few tips on how and why you should keep your vape clean.

How can cleaning a dry herb vaporizer impact your session?

There are various reasons you will want to keep your vaporizer clean. Hygiene and cleanliness are one thing but the quality of your vape experience may be impacted if your vape has built up residue inside it. Why is this? When warm vapor condenses as it meets cooler air internally in your vaporizer tank you will start to get residual, sticky build up. Likewise a clogged air flow pipe will result in you needing to use more cannabis, because the majority of the herb will not be extracted effectively if blocked.

So there are many benefits for maintaining your vape. You will have consistently excellent draw resistance, you will need less cannabis and your vape will last longer.

Can I buy a vaporizer with no special tools to clean it? / what vaporizer is easiest to clean?

One of the Easiest Dry Herb Vaporizers to maintain is Omura’s Series 1 portable vaporizer. With its precise temperature settings, and no cleaning required you will not have to worry about your vaporizer becoming clogged and tasting of burnt flower.

If you are looking for an entirely hassle free vape experience, Omura’s Series X is designed precisely for simplicity. There is no cleaning involved. It sounds too good to be true, but the Omura pre-filled flower sticks have been designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Made from 100% whole flower, all you need to do is pop one of the flowersticks into the vaporizer and once your session is over, you can safely throw away the stick as they are compostable. It’s as simple as that.

How do I clean and pack my Omura vaporizer on the go?

Omura’s Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers Series 1 and Series X are the ideal vaporizer for portable use. The vaporizer has a convection oven inside which means only the paper of the flowerstick touches the oven. The flower itself does not come into contact with the oven which is why no cleaning or maintenance is required.

Low maintenance vaporizers like the Omura do not have a detachable mouthpiece. The mouthpiece and vapor path are all in one in the flowersticks. There is no separate mouthpiece here and they are designed for single use so they are completely hygienic. If someone else wants to use your device, they can with their own Flowerstick, so there is no need to share mouthpieces. There are hundreds of microbial bacteria in saliva that quickly build up inside a mouth piece, so this is something to bear in mind if your vape has a detachable mouthpiece.

Knowing the anatomy of your vape

The general rule of thumb is always follow the guidelines on how to maintain your vape, as each vaporizer is made slightly differently. The actual maintenance required will also depend on the type of heating oven your chosen vaporizer has. Convection heating is when the flower does not touch the heat source, or conduction is where the herb is packed into a chamber and comes into direct contact with the heating source.

How often should I clean my vaporizer?

Regular cleaning will ensure your vaporizer works beautifully. A regularly cleaned vape will be most efficient and will deliver delicious aromas.

It is recommended to do a deep clean once or twice a month depending on the frequency you vape, and this will keep your vape close to perfectly new.

For a basic light clean, detach the parts and wash with a brush and warm water.

Vapes with conduction ovens will need more attention with cleaning:

  • Empty and remove any leftover herb from the oven
  • When the oven has cooled, but is still wam brush the oven to clear any remaining herb using a small cleaning brush with firm bristles
  • Clean the mouthpiece also using a brush
  • Wipe the herb chamber with a cotton swab or pipe cleaner
  • For a deep clean, wash with isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is an alcohol that has been designed for medical, industrial or electronic use
  • Let the herb chamber air dry before using it again


Cleaning your vape should not be a taxing process and investing a little time cleaning your vaporizer will yield great results.

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