Series X

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Complete Set zum Vorteilspreis.

The Omura Series X is a first of its kind whole flower vaporizer. The oven uses patented Heat-not-Burn technology paired with Omura's patented Flowersticks to gently heat the whole flower through a pre-programme heat curve. These components are housed in a slim and stylish design, offering one of the smallest and most technically sophisticated heat-not-burn devices in the market. The device comes with a matching charging base that is designed to be displayed in your home.

  • The Series X adds to the convenience of the Series 1 by removing the need for an "on button" through the addition of stick senor technology - now just insert a Flowerstick and the session starts automatically. 
  • As well as through the addition of a 2nd heat curve: High and Low heat curves now allow the User to choose between flavor optimization and vaporization optimization.


Size: 93mm x 39mm x 22mm 
Heat-up: ~30 Seconds
Session: 3,5 Minutes
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  • 1 year warranty
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