Our Technology

We've spent hundreds of hours obsessing over every detail, so that you don't have to.

The Highest Quality

Manufactured to the highest specification using a ‘deep draw' process - this means one piece of formed aluminium which is then sand blasted for a beautiful smooth finish and then coloured - the result a beautiful personal product for your every day routine … no welding, no seams - just a beautiful true design piece that you will be proud of. Designed by Michael Young and winner of the 2022 “Good Design USA’ award.

The Finest Detail

The internal components are designed and manufactured for durability and performance to give you a long lasting high quality device that you will want to keep forever. The internal control is set for 2 variable heat curves - ‘low’ optimised for flavour and ‘high’ optimised for potency. Both heatcurves start the session at low temperature in order to activate the terpenes and then rise over the session to extract the cannabinoids in ascending temperature order delivering the best possible efficacy from your flower. 

The Perfect Design

Omura’s revolutionary new Home Fill System fills your 16-stick Omura Flowersticks™ pack with ease and precision dosing. Simply fill, pack and go! mean clean and convenient dry herb vaporization anytime and anywhere. Made withFSC-certified rainforest-friendly paper, they are biodegradable and compostable for a truly sustainable experience.

The Purest Experience

Omura's distinguishing feature is its proprietary convection heating technology, which enables precise vaporization of whole flower material without singeing, tarring or burning the flower. Ensuring a pure and hygienic vaporization experience and maximum flavour profile, unlike traditional vaporizers. Omura's convection technology also preserves the integrity of the active compounds - the cannabinoids and terpenes.