Cannabis Nurse Endorsed!

I recently acquired the Omura Series X complete bundle. I’m not someone who enjoys inhaling smoke but this was so smooth and amazing! It’s another world and one I can step into! - Anonymous

Flowerstick Power

I enjoyed the whole system. The ability to use whole flower in a convenient vape is awesome. - Anonymous

A great concept

I wanted a “cleaner” device that is simple and easy to use, and this is it. Customer service rocks, too! - John C


The best!

Terrific! The best system for a no burn dose. Love the Omura! - Anonymous

Great product and easy to use!

Love the sleek look and hand held convenience. Heats up great and creates a wonderful pull. Very discrete and leaves pleasant scent - Jane Y

Easy, clean, low odor

Love the portability, easy set up and use. The low order makes it perfect on the go. Love it. - Tim N

Great Product

My boyfriend and I love our Omuras! We live where it gets cold cold in the winter so it's super convenient for us to be discreet inside. Works great and just a really cool gadget to have to unwind with. Aiyla L

First time user

Purchased the series 1 bundle very happy with it. Easy to use and like the look overall great value got it delivered so fast. - Hugo C

Great Product

Easy to use and clean, much better than other vaporizers I’ve had. - John O

Stylish and functional

This has got to be the most stylish and best functioning dry herb vape on the market! Super clean too. - Anonymous

Best dry herb vaporiser

Fantastic, have had one for over 3 years. - Anonymous

Very small learning curve

I love that I can taste the terpenes in every “dry heat” puff. So true to the terroir. Without flame. Amazing! - Warren B

Great Quality

These “load your own” flower sticks are perfect for using with the Omura vaporizer. They are easy to pack one at a time or using the loading box, and I’ve not yet had one damaged flower stick in any of the sixteen boxes I’ve ordered. I highly recommend both the flower sticks and the Omura vaporizer. It’s perfect for medical cannabis dosing; much less waste of my monthly allotment of medical cannabis, even considering the price of the sticks! 😃 - Anonymous

the Safe Convenient, way to Vape!!!

Doens of dry herb vape and no one with the experience of Omura!!!!. Convection heating, so NO BURNING of the flower Convenience, pop in a loaded stick and enjoy Environmentally friendly, Paper as the only discard product Rituals, as people love the ritual of rolling there the same for loading sticks, OVERALL the best of the dozens i have used in my life. - Anonymous

Works great

I love the device and the empty sticks. It's great to be able to use whatever flower you choose and the sticks are great to share without germs...everyone can vape and no risk of colds/flu/covid. It is convenient. The sticks are very effective for such a small amount of flower used. A bit pricey but still the convenience is worth it. Thought Omura was gimmicky at first but i have lots of devices and find this the easiest, quickest and cleanest. - Anonymous

The Omura Flowersticks

The Omura Flowersticks are very thoughtfully designed. They have increased the quantity yet decreased the size of the container. The filling tool is also a nice addition. - Adam S

Great product. great service

it’s been spectacular…it’s the perfect blend of ease and a better healthier way to ingest. compact. clean. i love it. - Julie B

Love these

I am able to enjoy my **** in the dosage I like. Less irritation on my throat and I can taste the strain I’m vaping. A little goes a long way for me. - Althea E

New packaging and flowerstick loader

Great! I love your innovative and creative thinking on this one. This what has kept me as a Omura user. Keep it up! Anonymous


I love the idea of using these in a vaporizer. Clean, neat and keeps the flavours fresh. Omura has outstanding customer service, too. - Anonymous

Fun to use

The Series X looks great and works well, and the filling system was fun and easy to use. - Anonymous

Flower Power

I enjoyed the whole system. The ability to use whole flower in a convenient vape is awesome. - Anonymous

Simple and elegant

It was very easy and fun to use. I never read instructions so figured it out for myself, then saw there’s a video on the website showing how to use it. - Petra T

Fast and Affective

15 secs and ready for take off. Love how compact and convenient the X series is. The sleek design makes it easy to not be noticed. The vapors do not over power the room with smell that also make it easy to enjoy on the go. The taste is very much enjoyable as well as the take off. - Anonymous

Omura Series X

The Omura Series X Complete Bundle includes a slick and smooth, beautiful and portable whole flower vaporizer, along with the Home Filling System, and 4 packs of flower sticks. The Home Fill System maximizes your smoking experience and your time. Cleverly designed to prepare you for 16 smoke sessions with one single loading/packing of the biodegradable flower sticks. The Omura Series X takes minimal preparation, and simply requires you to load one of the filled flower sticks, at which point the vaporizer will automatically start your session. Thirty seconds later, your Series X vaporizer is heated and ready for your 3.5 minute smoke session. - Kate H

This Canny Nurse Fav!

I couldn't be more delighted with my experience. I've never liked smoking my medicine before, but this sleek and innovative little device has truly revolutionized my experience! Everything I need for a seamless and enjoyable session, from the beautifully designed device to the variety of carefully curated flower sticks. The device allows for such an incredibly smooth experience... every. single. time. I also appreciate how discrete it is without having the infamous smell. Not only is the Omura X easy to use, but there's no extensive cleaning process needed after the session, allowing me to get on with my very full life. Overall, the Omura X complete bundle has exceeded my expectations and become an indispensable part of my wellness routine. As a Cannabis Nurse, I highly recommend this product to my clients. - Canny Nurse