The Power of Precision Dosing

The Power of Precision Dosing


... Omura is the perfect tool to help take the edge off...

Back in the day, smoking whole flower was thought of more as a recreational activity, like an instrument for partying with your pals and getting stoned out of your mind. Nowadays, with more knowledge of how whole flower works as well as technological advances, people are using whole flower for myriad reasons, ranging from therapeutic benefits to elevating their lifestyle.

While the plant has always been a source of wellness, a lot of people didn’t know how to access it or know how to integrate it into their lives in a controlled and safe manner, which is why the advent of precision dosing has been key. It allows people to curate their whole flower experience and reap these benefits without the fear and risk of over consumption.

Let’s be honest, whole flower consumption can be unpredictable. Precision dosing gives you the freedom to weave whole flower into your daily life by taking the guesswork out of the equation. People are turning to whole flower for a variety of health reasons, such as helping to decrease stress or anxiety, relieve pain, increase appetite or decrease nausea.

Some even use whole flower to help focus or to tap into creativity. Imagine being able to turn to this natural plant for these benefits, any time of day, without worrying about getting blitzed out of your mind. Now you can.

The benefits of using Omura's Heat Not Burn device, we’ve created a system that eliminates the risk of an unwanted high, ensuring a controlled and worry-free whole flower experience.

Our biodegradable and compostable flower cartridges ("Flowersticks") allow you to fill each Flowerstick with a maximum of 0.125 grams of flower per cartridge, delivering approximately 10-12 doses to be enjoyed over a 3-minute session.

Whether you’re looking for discreet microdosing or a lighter dose, Omura is the perfect tool to help take the edge off. If you’ve got a long to-do list ahead, you can count on Omura to keep you on track to get things done while still enjoying the benefits of whole flower.