Next Generation Heat Not Burn Technology, Why it'll Save Your Life

Next Generation Heat Not Burn Technology, Why it'll Save Your Life

There’s an endless number of forms in which you can consume your cannabis.
However, when it comes to inhalation of cannabinoids, there are two popular methods that come to mind.

Keep reading to get the breakdown of the two methods and how Omura combines the best of both worlds.



This is the traditional method, where a flame source is used to heat the flower. All kinds of apparatus are used to do this: rolling papers, bongs, pipes.

All these methods require preparation, cleaning, and they’re not very accurate in terms of dosing. You can smoke way too much at one time, resulting in undesired side effects when maybe you just wanted a mild chill.


The latest trend involves using electronic vape pens that are battery charged and have some amount of “e-juice” with cannabinoids. The vape pen will atomize the liquid and create a thick vapor.

Most e-juice contains harmful chemicals that have known side-effects affecting the lungs (just google “popcorn lung”). On the plus side, vape pens come in stylish shapes and sizes, and are more discreet than a bong or pipe.


Omura Whole Flower Vaporizer


We changed the game by combining the convenience of vape pens with the benefits of smoking the whole flower, but without any added chemicals, and without the unpleasant and unhealthy effects of smoke and ash.

It’s the best of both worlds. A truly sleek and discreet device that gives you a precise dose of cannabis, so you don’t have to worry about losing the rest of your day because you’re too high to function. Precision dosing is how you can reap the benefits of the whole flower, without too much of the psychotropic side effects that inhibit productivity.