How Omura Is Combining State-of-the-Art Technology With Whole Flower Benefits

How Omura Is Combining State-of-the-Art Technology With Whole Flower Benefits

We’re whole flower purists at heart, focused on bringing new, innovative technology to consumers while also keeping things simple at the same time.

We’re focused on the intersection of precision technology and whole flower benefits.

Benefits of Whole Flower

A key part of our approach is the Entourage Effect, which is when the interaction of all components of whole flower (including chemovariances, terpenes, and other compounds) help amplify the therapeutic qualities of the plant. We believe that consuming whole flower through this method is the only true way to experience its benefits. Keeping in mind, we’ve developed a system that maintains the integrity of all the natural chemovariances and terpenes by utilizing the entire flower, as opposed to an isolated extract method used by oil smoking devices.

Your Favorite Premium Flower 

Instead of trying to sell you our flower, the Omura system allows you to use your own favorite premium flower with our market leading vaporizers and patented Flowersticks. Our paper flower cartridges (aka "Flowersticks") are also biodegradable and compostable, ensuring a completely waste-free experience.

Convection Versus Combustion: No Terpenes Lost

Similar to how vegetables lose nutrients when cooked at a higher temperature, terpenes, and their subsequent medicinal benefits, diminish when burned at too high of a heat. When you smoke whole flower, those precious terpenes will evaporate. Thankfully, with Omura’s heat-not-burn technology, the terpene profile is retained, and you won’t have to worry about irritating smoke or carcinogens. Instead, you’ll enjoy minimal moisture and a more discreet experience through convection.


The Importance of Heat Curve and How It Works

If you’re familiar with the method for making the perfect scrambled eggs —modifying the temperature throughout the process to cook to perfection— you’ll understand the concept of Omura’s heat curve. Rather than starting out by heating the whole flower at a high temp, the heat curve starts low, increasing higher, then drops back to low again, creating the optimal temperature to heat the flower and enjoy the full Entourage Effect. The Airbath feature also helps stabilize the temperature by keeping the device itself cool and safe.


We don’t want anything to come between you and your flower.